november 4

november 4 defined in 1911 year

november 4 - November 4;
november 4 - Railwaymen's Unions of Great Britain decide to take ballot as to acceptance of Special Commission's Report. - Franco-German treaties signed in Berlin. - South Wales coalowners refuse principle of minimum wage. - Ulster Unionists issue manifesto declaring that they will not accept an Irish Legislature. - Imperial Cancer Research Fund issue Fourth Report. - Fighting between Turks and Italians near Shara Shat, Tripoli.

november 4 defined in 1912 year

november 4 - November 4;
november 4 - Greeks take Yenidje and capture 18 guns. - French Government reject Turkish appeal for intervention. - Treaty between Russia and Mongolia concluded at Urga, Siberia. - Mr. Justice Parker decides, in Chancery Court, London, that the Bank of England is not entitled to deduct income tax from dividends before Finance Act for year has passed. - British House of Commons reject amendment to Home Rule Bill, providing that the First Chamber should be elected by proportional representation, by 265 votes to 162. - Crown solicitor excludes certain Belfast magistrates from hearing charges of riot against persons re-arrested after Recorder's court had entered nolle prosequi. - "A Venetian Night," by Max Reinhardt, refused licence at Palace Theatre, London, by Lord Chamberlain. - M. Borrelly, French astronomer, discovers new comet at Marseilles. - U.S. Supreme Court promulgates simplified rules of equity procedure in Federal courts.

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