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november 5 defined in 1911 year

november 5 - November 5;
november 5 - Italy annexes Tripoli and Cyrenaica by Royal decree. - M. Caillaux, French Premier, speaking at St. Calais, insists that France must have entire freedom of action in Morocco.

november 5 defined in 1912 year

november 5 - November 5;
november 5 - Bulgarians defeat Turkish retreating force, driving it back on Chatalja lines; Turks lose 25,000 killed and wounded, 2,000 prisoners and 37 field guns. - General election in U.S. results in sweeping Democratic victories and election of Wilson and Marshall as President and Vice- President. Arizona, Kansas and Oregon adopt woman's suffrage; West Virginia, state-wide prohibition of sale of intoxicants. - Sir E. Grey states in British House of Commons that Balkan States have right to formulate terms of peace and that Powers can scarcely intervene unless re quested by both Parties. - Count Berchtold assures Foreign Affairs Committee of Austrian Delegations that Austria is in accord with other Powers on question of intervention in Balkan war. - Mr. Philip Snowden's amendment to Home Rule Bill, substituting local register for parliamentary register and thus giving votes to women rate-payers, rejected in British House of Commons by 314 votes to 141. Window-breaking follows in West End of London. - Select Committee of House of Commons appointed to inquire into fatal accidents caused by motor omnibuses in London. - Sir H. Barron, Governor of Tasmania, appointed Governor of West Australia. - French parliamentary commission appointed to inquire into depopulation in France. - Lieut. Petrovics, Austrian military airman, killed at Gorice, Carniola. - Sub-Lieut. Marechal, French military airman, killed at Chartres. - American aviation altitude record broken by H. B. Brown, Staten Island, 5,300 ft., with passenger.

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