november 18

november 18 defined in 1911 year

november 18 - November 18;
november 18 - Night mail train from Paris to Marseilles robbed by thieves, who escape. - Elections in Victoria, Australia, reveal decline in power of Labour Party. - British Legation at Teheran requests King George to mediate between Persia and Russia. - Russia breaks off diplomatic relations with Persia. - H.M.S. "Centurion" launched at Devonport by Mrs. Winston Churchill. - Liepmannssohn's sale of musical autographs and M.S.S, begins in Berlin. - In a mine of Bottom Creek Coal and Coke Co., Vivian, W. Va., about 30 miners are killed by coal-dust explosion. - Bernardo Reyes and others indicted by U. S. District Court in Texas for violating neutrality laws by fitting out an expedition against Mexico.

november 18 defined in 1912 year

november 18 - November 18;
november 18 - Servians and Montenegrins capture Alessio. - Naval guards landed from foreign warships in Constantinople. - British House of Commons decides how to proceed with Home Rule Bill. - Chinese Govt. decides to make military demonstration in Mongolia. - Railway accident to Simplon-Calais express at Longpre, France; driver killed. - Great storm in Jamaica causes loss of over 100 lives. - Imperial Education Advisory Committee holds first meeting in London. - U.S. Supreme Court upholds decree of dissolution, handed down by the Federal Court of Maryland, against the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Co. ("Bath-Tub Trust").

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