november 17

november 17 defined in 1911 year

november 17 - November 17;
november 17 - Yuan Shih-kai orders troops to Hankau to suppress Chinese rebels. - Herr von Kiderlen-Waechter, German Foreign Secretary, makes statement before Budget Committee of Reichstag with regard to new treaties. - Mr. Asquith and Mr. Lloyd George receive a deputation at Downing Street, on Woman's Suffrage. - Crystal Palace, London, sold to Lord Plymouth for £210,000. - Court of Appeal in London declares Forms 4 and 8 for valuation returns under Finance Act invalid (see May 9). - Earth quake in Southern and Central Germany. - Strike in French Govt. dockyard at Lorient; settled next day.

november 17 defined in 1912 year

november 17 - November 17;
november 17 - Bulgarians begin general attack on Chatalja lines. - Servians capture Monastir.

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