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november 16 defined in 1911 year

november 16 - November 16;
november 16 - Centenary of John Bright's birth celebrated at Rochdale, Lancashire. - King of Servia visits Paris. - Yuan Shih-kai forms Cabinet in China. - Mr. Bonar Law, as Leader of Unionist Party, addresses National Union Conference in Leeds on Unionist policy. - Duke and Duchess of Connaught open Canadian Parliament. - White Star Company's action in the Admiralty Division of the High Court against H.M.S. "Hawke" for damaging "Olympic" in collision begins in London. - Portuguese parliament reopens with speech on Government's policy by Senhor Vasconcellos, the new Premier. - Russian Govt. receiving no reply to ultimatum to Persia, despatched troops to Kazvin. - Notification of pulmonary tuberculosis made compulsory in Great Britain. - Mr. Roosevelt attacks Pres. Taft's attitude to the Trusts in The Outlook (New York). - Federal grand jury at New York indicts thirteen officials of Baltimore and Ohio and Louisville and Nashville Railroads for rebating.

november 16 defined in 1912 year

november 16 - November 16;
november 16 - Arrest at Constantinople of Talaat Bey and other members of Committee of Union and Progress on charge of conspiracy. - Montenegrins occupy San Giovanni di Medua. - Law promulgated in France amending Code Napoleon and permitting establishment of paternity of an illegitimate child. - Mukhtar, Egyptian nationalist, sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment for sedition. - German Emperor inaugurates Bober Valley dam. Silesia. - Wonga Shoal lighthouse, Adelaide, destroyed by collision with sailing ship. - 28th annual exhibition National Horse Show Association opens in New York City.

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