november 15

november 15 defined in 1911 year

november 15 - November 15;
november 15 - Miners' Federation of Great Britain decide to make further efforts to secure settlement of minimum wage question without resorting to strike. - Huth library sale begins in London. - Commander F. G. Brine washed overboard from H.M.S. "St. Vincent" and drowned.

november 15 defined in 1912 year

november 15 - November 15;
november 15 - Outbreak of cholera reported among Turks at Chatalja lines. - Kiamil Pasha proposes to King Ferdinand cessation of hostilities with a view to direct discussion of preliminaries for peace. - Greek marines occupy peninsula of Mt. Athos. - Servians attack Monastir. - Capt. Kostevitsch, Russian officer, sentenced at Berlin to two years' detention for espionage. - Mr. William O'Brien, speaking at Cork, condemns financial clauses of Home Rule Bill. - Mr. Austen Chamberlain, speaking in Queen's Hall, Lon don, defines Unionist land policy. - Gun explodes at Shoeburyness; 4 men seriously injured. - Capt. Amundsen lectures before Royal Geographical Society, London, on South Pole discovery. - Nobel prize for literature awarded to Gerhart Hauptmann. - President-elect Woodrow Wilson promises to call U.S. Congress in extraordinary session not later than April 15. 1913 to revise tariff. - Agreement supplementing Newfoundland fisheries award ratified at Washington. - Clinical Congress of Surgeons of North America in New York City closes after session of 3 clays.

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