november 14

november 14 defined in 1911 year

november 14 - November 14;
november 14 - Imperial Edict is issued in China commanding Yuan Shih-kai to accept Premiership. - Special commission appointed to reorganise French Foreign Office. - Bavarian Diet dissolved owing to conflict between govt. and Centre Party. - Dr. Waldstein resigns Slade Professorship of Fine Art at Cambridge University (Eng.), and offers £1,000 to promote study of architecture. - MM. Bienaime and Rumpelmayer, two French airmen, fly from Compiegne to Courtland, 1,056 miles, in 16½ hours. - U. S. Commerce Court holds that action of Interstate Commerce Commission in dividing country into rate zones (July 26) was invalid.

november 14 defined in 1912 year

november 14 - November 14;
november 14 - At suggestion of Speaker, British House of Commons adjourns till 18th. - Lord Lansdowne and Mr. Bonar Law speak at meeting of National Unionist Association, Albert Hall, London. - Count Romanones sworn in as Spanish Premier. - Powers enquire at Sofia whether Bulgaria will accept their mediation. - Franco:Spanish treaty initialled in Madrid. - Larz Anderson, minister to Belgium, appointed U.S. ambassador to Japan as successor to Charles P. Bryan, resigned Nov. 11.

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