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november 13 defined in 1911 year

november 13 - November 13;
november 13 - Mr. Bonar Law chosen Unionist leader in British House of Commons. - Oldham by-election; victory of Mr. Bartley Denniss (Unionist),majority 1,632. - Yuan Shih-kai arrives in Peking. - New London Opera House under Mr. Hammerstein opens with "Quo Vadis." - Birmingham stipendiary magistrate prohibits boxing contest for World's Featherweight Championship as illegal ^in England. - Resignation of Sultan of Zanzibar. - American Federation of Labour begins its 31st Annual Convention at Atlanta, Ga. - Monument erected by United Mine Workers of America, is unveiled at Cherry, Ill., to memory of miners who lost their lives in Cherry mine disaster, Nov. 13, 1909.

november 13 defined in 1912 year

november 13 - November 13;
november 13 - Turkish Government instruct Nazim Pasha to open negotiations for armistice with Bulgarian generals. - Mr. Asquith moves in British House of Commons to rescind vote on financial clauses of Home Rule Bill given on nth; disorderly scene follows; Speaker first suspends and then adjourns debate. - Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs re signs on Mongolian question. - Pres. Taft issues proclamation fixing Panama Canal tolls at $1.20 per net ton. - M. Poincare speaks in Paris on European Concert and policy of France. - Sir Cecil Spring Rice appointed British ambassador to U.S. - Resignation announced of President James McCrea of the Pennsylvania Railroad Co., vice-president Samuel Rea chosen in his place. - Railway accident near Indianapolis, Ind.; 15 killed, 20 injured.

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