november 12

november 12 defined in 1911 year

november 12 - November 12;
november 12 - Pres. Taft returns to Washington after 15,000 miles' political tour. - Spanish municipal elections show majority for Monarchists.

november 12 defined in 1912 year

november 12 - November 12;
november 12 - King George of Greece arrives in Salonika. - Bulgarians occupy Rodosto. - Austrp-Hungarian Minister at Belgrade has interview with Servian Premier and suggests preference for Austrian trade, autonomy for Albania, and a Servian port on the Aegean. - Sortie from Adrianople repulsed. - Sefior Canalejas, Spanish Premier, assassinated in Madrid by Serrato, an anarchist, who commits suicide. - Federated Malay States offer 1st class armoured ship to British Navy. - Opening of Portuguese Parliament; speech by Premier on failure of Royalist insurrections. - Nobel prize for Physics awarded to M. Gustaf Dalen (Switzerland), and for Chemistry divided between Prof. Grignard (France) and Prof. Sabatier (France). - Stafford House, London, sold to Sir William Lever. - Steamer "Zelia" lost off Dublin; 7 lives lost. - Debate on White Slave Traffic Bill in British House of Commons; clause carried making flogging penalty for male offenders; Bill read third time.

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