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november 11 defined in 1911 year

november 11 - November 11;
november 11 - King George and Queen Mary leave England for India. - Russia sends ultimatum to Persia, and Teheran Cabinet resigns. - It is stated that the German Emperor's displeasure with the Crown Prince is shown by his being sent to Dantzig. - Conclusion of Reichstag debate on Franco-German treaties. - German battleship "Kaiserin" launched at Kiel. - Senor Vasconcelles forms new Ministry in Portugal.

november 11 defined in 1912 year

november 11 - November 11;
november 11 - Govt. defeat in British House of Commons by 21 votes on Sir F. Banbury's amendment to Horn? Rule Bill, limiting financial contribution of Imperial Exchequer to £2,500,000 in any one year. - Taunton by-election results in return of Sir Gilbert Wills (Unionist), majority 285. - Royal Commission on Divorce and Matrimonial Causes issues Report in London; minority report signed by Archbishop of York, Sir W. Anson and Sir L. Dibdin opposes extension of grounds for divorce. - Unionist campaign in London opened by speeches from Lord R. Cecil, Sir R. Finlay and others. - M. Daneff, President of Bulgarian Parliament, received in audience by Austrian Emperor. - Diplomatic relations between Chile and Peru resumed after 2½ years' suspension. - Resignation of General Michel, Belgian Minister of War. - Railway accident at Yazoo, La.; 18 killed, 90 injured. - U.S. Secretary of War refuses to allow transatlantic steamship companies to increase length of piers in Hudson river opposite New York City to 1,000 ft. - 32nd annual convention of American Federation of Labor meets at Rochester, N. Y.

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