november 10

november 10 defined in 1911 year

november 10 - November 10;
november 10 - Prince Arthur of Connaught, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Chancellor and Lord Morley, appointed by King George as a Commission to transact business for him during his absence in India. - Massacre by Manchus at Nanking. - The Throne in China accepts the principles of the Constitution as formulated by the National Assembly. - Dockyard Arsenal at Shanghai captured by rebels. Hankau reported to be in flames. - Italian positions in Tripoli attacked by Turks and Arabs. - Persian Govt. refuse to offer apology to Russia for insult alleged to have been offered to two consular agents by gendarmerie. - Rev. A. Douglas, British Missionary, shot owing to a misapprehension by a Portuguese official in Nyasaland.

november 10 defined in 1912 year

november 10 - November 10;
november 10 - Socialist demonstration against war in Vienna. - Rodosto evacuated by civil population.

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