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november 9 defined in 1911 year

november 9 - November 9;
november 9 - King George unveils memorial to Edward VII in Guards' Chapel, London. - At Guildhall banquet Mr. Asquith speaks on home affairs and foreign relations, and Mr. Churchill on the supremacy of the British Navy. - London taxi-cab strike partially settled. - Debate in Ger man Reichstag on Franco-German treaties opened by Imperial Chancellor; Conservative attack on England reported to have been applauded by the Crown Prince. - Chinese Republic proclaimed at Canton; viceroy seeks British protection at Hong-Kong. - National Union of Women's Suffrage of Great Britain issues protest against exclusion of women from proposed Manhood Suffrage Bill. - Mr. E. T. Hooley examined in London Court of Bankruptcy. - Nobel prize for literature awarded to Maurice Maeterlinck. - U. S. municipal elections marked by Socialist successes. - Sultan Mulai Hand of Morocco consents to conditions of Franco-German treaty of November 4, - U. S. Commerce Court grants temporary injunction, staying Interstate Commerce Commission's order affecting reductions in rates from points East to points between Missouri river and Pacific Coast. - Dedication of granite temple over the cabin near Hodgenville, in which Abraham Lincoln was born.

november 9 defined in 1912 year

november 9 - November 9;
november 9 - Bulgarians begin attack on Chatalja lines. - M. Pashitch, Servian Premier, states that Servia must have a port on the Adriatic. - Greeks capture Pentepigadia. - Bulgarian force, accompanied by Prince Boris and Prince Cyril, enters Salonika. - Mr. Asquith, at Guildhall, London, deprecates "raising and pressing of isolated questions" arising out of the war, prior to a general settlement. - Mr. Bryce resigns post as British ambassador at Washington. - Paris police arrest persons suspected in connection with robbery on Nov. 8 of post-office at Bezons by armed men who shot postmaster dead. - Mass meeting of northern doctors at Manchester condemn proposed conditions of service under Insurance Act. - Mr. Michaelis buys from Sir H. Lane collection of Dutch Masters for presentation to South Africa. - Woman-suffrage victories in elections of Nov. 5 celebrated in New York City by an evening parade of 15,000 women.

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