november 8

november 8 defined in 1911 year

november 8 - November 8;
november 8 - Mr. Balfour, at a meeting in the City of London, announces his resignation of the leadership of the Unionist Party. - Resignation of the Portuguese Cabinet. - Chinese province of Chihli joins revolutionaries. - Mr. Shuster, financial adviser in Teheran, makes charges against British and Russian govts. - Mr. Lionel Smythe, A.R.A., elected a full member of the Royal Academy, London. - Rioting occurs in Tunis over demarcation of an Arab cemetery. - Tariff Reform league dinner at "White City," London; speeches by Mr. Austen Chamberlain, Mr. Bonar Law, Mr. F. E. Smith and Mr. Chaplin (chairman). - £10,000 given to Oxford University by Miss Mary Shillito to endow a Readership in Assyriology. - American Tobacco Company's reorganisation plan is approved by U. S. Supreme Court. - Telegraphers on the Southern and on the Baltimore and Ohio railways, U.S.A., go back to work after a strike begun in the summer, winning an 8-hr, day and increased pay.

november 8 defined in 1912 year

november 8 - November 8;
november 8 - Salonika surrenders to Crown Prince of Greece. - Sheikh-ul-Islam at Constantinople calls upon Ulema to preach a holy war. - It is reported that Austria-Hungary objects to Servia obtaining a port on the Adriatic. - Mr. Bonar Law speaks in Liverpool on need for military preparedness as illustrated by Balkan war, and announces scheme for redistribution if Unionists come into power. - Lord Chamberlain consents to license "A Venetian Night." - "King Harlequin," opera by G. H. Clutsam, produced in Berlin. - Brazilian Government sends troops against insurgents (see Oct. 25). - Two American cruisers ordered to Mediterranean to protect American citizens.

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