november 7

november 7 defined in 1911 year

november 7 - November 7;
november 7 - Mr. Asquith announces to a deputation in London that the govt. next session will bring in a bill for Manhood Suffrage. - British Home Secretary appoints committee to deal with storage of explosives. - Russian Foreign Minister states that both Russia and Great Britain will remain neutral in Persian affairs. - General Wu Lu-chew, Governor-designate of Shansi, assassinated by Manchu soldiers. - Sir Edward Grey, in British House of Commons, denies interview reported in an Austrian newspaper with British Ambassador at Vienna. - Elections are held in eighteen American states.

november 7 defined in 1912 year

november 7 - November 7;
november 7 - Bulgarians occupy Tchorlu and Muradli; and capture fort of Delijunus at north end of Chatalja lines. - Montenegrins occupy Djakova. - Rioting occurs at Valle de Torno and Candos, Portugal. - French battleship "France" launched at St. Nazaire. - Mr. Lloyd George addresses letter to British Medical Association giving in formation as to regulations under Insurance Act for inspecting doctors' work, fixing remuneration, etc. - Lord Kitchener approves scheme for redistribution of reclaimed land among jellahin. - King's Bench, Dublin, inhibit Belfast magistrates from hearing riot charges (Nov. 4). - Vice- Chancellor of Oxford prohibits production there of "Kindle Wakes," play by Stanley Houghton.

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