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november 20 defined in 1911 year

november 20 - November 20;
november 20 - King George and Queen Mary meet Khedive and Lord Kitchener at Port Said. - Meeting at Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, London, at which Mr. McCullagh, a war correspondent, describes alleged Italian atrocities in Tripoli. - Yuan Shih-kai has interview with Peking correspondent of the Times on condition of China. - Dr. Mawson's Antarctic expedition starts from Adelaide, and a Japanese expedition starts from Sydney. - Fra Angelico's "Madonna della Stella" stolen from San Marco Museum, Florence. - Mazarine Bible (Huth collection) sold in London for £5,800.

november 20 defined in 1912 year

november 20 - November 20;
november 20 - Hostilities at Chatalja suspended while conditions of peace are discussed. - Greeks occupy Fiorina and cut off Turkish retreat from Monastir. - Seryia permits Austro- Hungarian Foreign Office to communicate with Consul Prochaska at Prisrend, whose recall Servia had demanded. - South African Party Congress opens at Pretoria, and South African Unionist Congress opens at Johannesburg. - Russian Cossack troops leave Urga for Southern Mongolia. - Archbishop of Canterbury, speaking in Convocation, commends Minority Report of Divorce Commission. - British House of Commons pass new Financial Resolution for Home Rule Bill by 317 votes to 195. - Theft of £10,000 in gold, whilst in transit from London to Alexandria, reported from Port Said. - Suit brought by U.S. Govt. against Federal Sugar Refining Co. of Yonkers, N. Y., for $119,080 alleged under-valuation. - Carmi Thompson (b. 1870), sec. to Pres. Taft, appointed U.S. Treasurer as successor to Lee McClung, resigned Nov 14.

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