november 21

november 21 defined in 1911 year

november 21 - November 21;
november 21 - Suffragist raid in Whitehall, London; over 200 arrests. - General Botha speaks in Bloemfontein on need of national union of the two white races in S. Africa. - S. Somerset by-election results in Unionist gain by return of Hon. A. Herbert, majority 148. - Extracts from German Imperial Chancellor's speech to Budget Committee of Reichstag published in Berlin. - British Consular report on Belgian Congo issued. - Another Abor entrenchment captured; Major Bower slightly wounded.

november 21 defined in 1912 year

november 21 - November 21;
november 21 - Porte declares terms of Allies unacceptable and orders resumption of war. - Bulgarian torpedo boats attack Turkish cruiser "Hamidiyeh" in Black Sea. - Greeks occupy Mytilene. - Opening of Canadian Parliament. - Capt. Paiva Couceiro, Portuguese Royalist leader, sentenced to 6 years' imprisonment with exile. - Signor Bertoliniappointed first Italian Colonial Minister. - Mr, Carnegie offers to provide pensions of £5,000 for future U.S. ex- presidents or their widows. - National Woman Suffrage Association holds convention in Philadelphia.

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