november 22

november 22 defined in 1911 year

november 22 - November 22;
november 22 - 148 cases, arising out of London Suffragist raid, come before magistrate at Bow Street. - M. Caillaux announces to Foreign Affairs Committee of French Senate that the secret clauses of the Anglo-French Declaration of 1904 will be published.

november 22 defined in 1912 year

november 22 - November 22;
november 22 - Archduke Francis Ferdinand visits German Emperor in Berlin. - Bulgarian delegates leave Kirk Kilisse for Chatalja to resume discussion of armistice; Nazim Pasha meets Gen. Savoff outside Chatalja lines. - Bulgarians occupy Dedeagatch, Malgara, Rodosto and Gumuljina. - Mr. Asquith speaks at Nottingham on Home Rule Bill and the disorder in House of Commons. - British House of Commons appoint Select Committee to inquire whether Sir Stuart Samuel has vacated his seat, through his firm making a profit from Govt. contract for purchasing silver for India. - Cambridge University abolishes restriction limiting divinity degrees to members of Church of England by majority of 109. - Violent cyclonic storm over Bombay and Western India. - Native chiefs arrested in Sierra Leone for "Human Leopard" cannibal practices. - John Schrank, who shot ex-president Roosevelt pronounced insane by board of alienists, at Milwaukee, Wise. - O'Gara Coal Co. and 3 subsidiaries of New York Central System indicted by a Federal (U.S.) grand jury at Chicago for rebating. - Theodore Marburg named U.S. minister to Belgium, succeeding Larz Anderson. - Frey, French airman, killed at Batteny, and Laurent, French military airman, killed at Villesauvage, near Etampes.

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