november 23

november 23 defined in 1911 year

november 23 - November 23;
november 23 - Persian Foreign Minister replies to Russia, conceding Russian demands. - Herts (Hitchin) by-election results in return of Lord Robert Cecil, majority 1,633. - Mrs. Pethick Lawrence sentenced to one month in Second Division for participation in London Suffragist raid. - Railway bridge collapses near Montreuil-Bellay, France, throwing train into river; 30 killed. - Crown Prince of Sweden undergoes operation for appendicitis. - Debate in French Chamber of Deputies on Government's alleged employment of agents provocateurs. - Italy notifies Powers of her intention to blockade Dardanelles.

november 23 defined in 1912 year

november 23 - November 23;
november 23 - Servians occupy Ochrida. - King Peter of Servia returns to Belgrade. - Bolton by-election results in return of Mr. T. Taylor (Liberal), majority 1,176. - Sir George Ross appointed leader of Liberal majority in Canadian Senate. - National Commission on Depopulation opens in Paris. - El Hiba, Moorish Pretender, defeated by El Glawi, who enters Tarudant and receives submission of Sus tribes. - Mine explosion near Ala is, France; 24 lives lost. - Mr. Galsworthy's play "The Eldest Son" produced at Kingsway Theatre, London. - American Federation of Labour closes 32nd annual convention at Rochester, N. Y.; Samuel Gompers re-elected president. - Retirement of Manuel Calero, Mexican Ambassador to U.S. announced. - Official announcement that Gordon Bennett international balloon cup was won by French balloon Picardie, piloted by M. Bienaime, making 1,358 miles, the world's record. - Harvard and Yale football match won by Harvard at New Haven, 20 to 0.

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