november 24

november 24 defined in 1911 year

november 24 - November 24;
november 24 - Anglo-French Declaration of 1904 concerning Egypt and Morocco, with five secret Articles, published in Lon don and Paris. - Explosion at Bibby's oil-cake mills, Liver pool; 27 killed, over 100 injured. - Sharp fighting at Tripoli and Derna; heavy Arab losses. - Mr. Lloyd George speaks at Bath on Woman's Suffrage. - British Medical Association decide to oppose working of Insurance Bill unless they get satisfactory terms from County Committees. - Death of Marquess Komura, Japanese statesman. - "Madonna della Stella" of Fra Angelico, stolen on November 20, is recovered.

november 24 defined in 1912 year

november 24 - November 24;
november 24 - Rioting at Budapest in connection with Socialist anti-war meetings. - Panic at cinematograph show, Bilbao, Spain; 44 killed, 60 injured. - Greeks occupy Chios. - Samos proclaims its union with Greece. - -Locomotive engineers of Eastern railroad U.S. awarded an increase of wages by arbitration board (see April 22, 23, 30). - Eugene V. Debs, Socialist candidate for U.S. Presidency, indicted for bribery by Federal grand jury in Kansas.

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