november 25

november 25 defined in 1911 year

november 25 - November 25;
november 25 - Mr. Charles Brookfield appointed Joint Examiner of Plays in Great Britain from January 1 next. - Miss Felicia Lyne, American prima donna, makes her debut in grand opera at the London Opera House in "Rigoletto." - Lieut, von Loringhoven, German aeronaut, killed at Doberitz. - Lieut. C. F. Dugdale, British cavalry officer, killed in riding school at Rome. - Nanking bombarded by Chinese revolutionaries. - Rioting in Brazil over election of State Governor.

november 25 defined in 1912 year

november 25 - November 25;
november 25 - Balkan and Turkish peace delegates meet at Baghtchetsh outside Chatalja lines. - Heavy fall of stocks in Vienna and Berlin owing to rumour of trouble between Austria and Russia over Servian question. - Austrian war ships recalled from Levant. - Conference between Mr. Lloyd George and Mr. Masterman, and a committee of British Medical Association. - Conference in New York City on workmen's compensation legislation. - Fire at Union Sulphur Works, Brooklyn. - Explosion in Starch Works at Waukegan, 111., kills 23 persons and injures 100. - Tacloba, in Philippines, almost destroyed by typhoon. - First Trade union (goldsmiths) formed in China.

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