november 26

november 26 defined in 1911 year

november 26 - November 26;
november 26 - Fighting in Tripoli results in decisive victory for the Italians. - Rioting in Lisbon. - Decroce, Italian airman, killed at Turin.

november 26 defined in 1912 year

november 26 - November 26;
november 26 - Austrian Consul at Prisrend, Herr Prochaska, detained for some days by Servians, arrives at Uskub. - Tsar of Russia receives Austro-Hungarian Ambassador at Tsarskoe Selo. - Bow and Bromley by-election results in defeat of Mr. G. Lansbury (Suffragist and Socialist), who had resigned to test feeling on Woman Suffrage; majority against, 751. - Nineteen Syndicalists, belonging to society of "Sou du Soldat," sentenced in Paris to 3 months' imprisonment and a fine for insulting the Army. - Eleven Russian sailors shot at Sevastopol for mutiny. - Death of the Countess of Flanders, mother of the King of the Belgians. - M. Bataille's play "Les Flambeaux" produced at Porte St. Martin Theatre, Paris. - Leaders of Lawrence (Mass.) strike acquitted on murder charge. - The Indiana constitutional amendment case is carried to the Federal Supreme Court.

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