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november 27 defined in 1911 year

november 27 - November 27;
november 27 - King George and Queen Mary arrive at Aden. - President of the German Navy League speaks at Frankfurt on necessity of strengthening German Navy. - Spanish commanders agree to terms with 65 Riff chiefs. - Chinese Imperialist troops recapture Han-Yang, but revolutionaries capture positions commanding Nanking. - Sir Edward Grey makes statement in British House of Commons on Morocco negotiations. - Mr. Lloyd George holds conference in London with representatives of Friendly Societies. - Sale of Abdul Hamid's jewels in Paris; pearl necklace fetches £36,804. - Irving B. Dudley (b. 1861), of California, resigns post of U. S. minister to Brazil.

november 27 defined in 1912 year

november 27 - November 27;
november 27 - Run on Austrian and German savings banks in Galicia, Northern Hungary and East Prussia. - Franco- Spanish Treaty signed at Madrid. - Sir Edward Henry, Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, London, shot at and wounded by motor-car driver. - Albert T. Patrick, convicted of murder (1900) of W. M. Rice, pardoned by Gov. Dix of New York. - Wreck on Pennsylvania R.R. near Glen Loch, Pa., kills 2 and injures 30.

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