december 4

december 4 defined in 1911 year

december 4 - December 4;
december 4 - King George V drives in state to Exhibition grounds, Bombay. - Chinese armistice extended to 15 days. - New comet discovered by M. Schaumasse at Nice. - Fires in Jersey City do damage amounting to £200,000. - Mr. B. J. Duveen, London art-dealer, fined £3,000 in New York for evasion of American customs duties on objects of art. - Italians capture oasis of Ain Zara in Tripoli. - Rupture between King Alfonso of Spain and his aunt, the Infanta Eulalia, owing to publication of her autobiography. - Persian Mejliss appeals to U. S. for aid against Russia. - U. S. Supreme Court decides that a person or association is limited to one coal land entry in Alaska. - The 62nd Congress of the U. S. meets in its first regular session. - Suit is filed in U. S. Circuit Court against National Cash Register Company of Dayton, Ohio, charging conspiracy in restraint of trade. - John D. Rockefeller resigns presidency of Standard Oil Company of New Jersey; John D. Archbold is chosen to succeed him.

december 4 defined in 1912 year

december 4 - December 4;
december 4 - Catholic Centre Party in German Reichstag condemn policy of Imperial Chancellor and Federal Council as regards Jesuit law of 1877. - Mr. Winston Churchill announces to British House of Commons proposed increases of pay in British Navy. - Resignation of Marquis Saionji, Japanese premier. - National Rivers and Harbors Congress meets in Washington, D. C.

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