december 5

december 5 defined in 1911 year

december 5 - December 5;
december 5 - German Imperial Chancellor replies in Reichstag to Sir E. Grey's speech in House of Commons. - Two out breaks of fire in Delhi. - J. B. McNamara sentenced at Los Angeles to life imprisonment and his brother John to 15 years for having blown up office of Los Angeles Times on Oct. 1, 1910. - Arbor stronghold at Kekar Monn Ying captured by Gen. Bower. - British Postmaster General announces extension of wireless telegraphy, and cheapening of cable rates between Great Britain and both the colonies and the U. S. - Pres. Taft in a special message to U. S. Congress recommends amendments to Sherman Act, federal incorporation for interstate commerce companies and a new commission to approve plans for reorganisation of trusts. - Bill to abolish U. S. Commerce Court introduced in U. S. Senate by Miles Poindexter.

december 5 defined in 1912 year

december 5 - December 5;
december 5 - Canadian Premier announces offer of three Dreadnoughts to British Navy, to cost £7,000,000. - Turkey, Bulgaria, Servia and Montenegro appoint delegates to attend Peace Conference in London. - M. Poincare speaks in Chamber of Deputies on Balkan crisis. - British Insurance Commissioners issue final Memorandum as to medical benefit under National Insurance Act. - Col. Seely, speaking in London, denies charges of inefficiency made against Territorials. - Mr. J Scott Mason, Governor of British North Borneo, killed by fall from his horse; Mr. Aylmer C. Pearson appointed to succeed him. - U.S. House of Representatives passes Adamson bill for physical valuation of railroads and regulation of stock and bond issues by Interstate Commerce Commission. - Indictment of July 1, 1909 against American Sugar Refining Co. for violating Sherman anti-trust law by acquiring Pennsylvania Sugar Refining Co. is withdrawn (see Mar. 31).

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