december 6

december 6 defined in 1911 year

december 6 - December 6;
december 6 - Chinese Regent resigns and guardians are appointed for infant Emperor. - British Home Secretary appoints Committee to enquire into selection and summoning of juries. - Mr. H. Oxley, English airman, and a pupil, killed at Filey, Yorkshire. - Insurance Bill passes its third reading in British House of Commons after Mr. H. W. Forster's amendment to postpone its coming into operation had been rejected by 320 votes to 223. - Mr. A. C. Gow, R.A., made Keeper of Royal Academy, London. - American Rivers and Harbours Congress begins its eighth annual session at Washington, D. C.

december 6 defined in 1912 year

december 6 - December 6;
december 6 - Austro-Hungarian Government assents to British proposal of meeting of Ambassadors in London to discuss Balkan settlement. - Austria and Italy protest at Athens against Greek bombardment of Valona. - Admiral Prince Louis of Battenberg and Vice-Admiral Sir J. Jellicoe appointed First and Second Sea Lords of British Admiralty. - Mgr. Vladimir, Metropolitan of Moscow, appointed Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and President of Most Holy Synod. - British Medical Association issue Report on Government's final terms for medical service under Insurance Act. - Pres. Taft's message on domestic and insular affairs, read in Congress, recommends Aldrich currency reform, opposes Philippine independence, etc.

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