december 7

december 7 defined in 1911 year

december 7 - December 7;
december 7 - King George and Queen Mary enter Delhi. - General election in New Zealand; govt. majority reduced. - Chinese edicts issued abolishing pigtail and ordering means to be devised for adopting Western calendar. - Naval Prize Bill passes British House of Commons by a majority of 47. - Mr. Bonar Law speaks at Bootle (Lancashire), on Home Rule. - Mr. H. Bottomley, M.P., applies for receiving order at London Bankruptcy Court. - Lord Morley, in reply to Lord Curzon, makes statement in House of Lords on Persian affairs. - M. Kistemaecker's play, La Flambee, dealing with espionage, produced at the Porte St. Martin theatre, Paris. - Franco-Spanish negotiations with regard to Morocco begin in Madrid. - American jury finds the two owners of the Triangle Waist Co., of New York City, not guilty of manslaughter (see Mar. 25). - Death in London of Sir George Lewis, solicitor, aged 78. - It is announced in British Parliament that the Irish Commissioners under the National Health Insurance Act will be Mr. J. A. Glynn (chairman), Mr. W. S. Kinnear, Dr. W. J. Maguire, and Mrs. Dickie.

december 7 defined in 1912 year

december 7 - December 7;
december 7 - It is announced from Vienna that the Triple Alliance has been renewed without change. - Hassan Riaz Pasha, Governor of Skutari, refuses to accept the armistice and continues hostilities. - A French and a German airship ordered for British Navy. - Strike on North Eastern Rail way, Gateshead, owing to reduction of Knox, an engine- driver, after conviction for drunkenness when off duty. - Portuguese corporal sentenced to 1 year's imprisonment for shooting Rev. A. J. Douglas at Kango, East Africa, in November 1911. - In report on the Westport wreck (Oct. 3) the U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission severely censures the N. Y., N. H. & H. R.R. for failure to install safety devices. - Republican governors of 12 states confer in Washington, D. C., on party reorganisation. - In a head collision on the Western Maryland R.R. near Pen Mar; Md., 5 are killed and 2 injured.

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