december 9

december 9 defined in 1911 year

december 9 - December 9;
december 9 - Armistice in China continued until December 24. - Explosion in coal-mine near Briceville, Tennessee; over 100 men entombed. - Trial of Cullera strikers concluded at Sueca, Spain. - Report of L. D. Brandeis on the Controller Bay controversy accepted by committee on expenditures of U. S. House of Representatives.

december 9 defined in 1912 year

december 9 - December 9;
december 9 - Resignation of General von Auffenberg, Austrian War Minister, and of General von Schemua, Chief of General Staff. - King Charles of Rumania opens Rumanian Chamber with pacific speech on Balkan crisis. - Protest against violation of Hay-Pauncefote Treaty by Panama Canal Act presented to U.S. Secretary of State by British Ambassador at Washington. - Resignation of Mr. Beeby, New South Wales Minister of Lands. - Massacre of Belgian customs inspector and staff by Kurds at Lohinjan on Turco-Persian frontier. - Henri Rouart art sale begins in Paris; £8,400 paid for a Corot, and £17,400 for a Degas. - U.S. Supreme Court holds Chicago Stock Yards Co. is within the interstate commerce law, thereby reversing decision of Commerce Court - A 14-inch gun explodes during a test at Sandy Hook, U.S.A., but with no loss of life. - The U.S. House of Representatives passes legislative, executive and judicial appropriation bill, with no provision for the Commerce Court. - "Money Trust" hearings resumed before U.S. Congressional Committee.

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