december 10

december 10 defined in 1911 year

december 10 - December 10;
december 10 - Nobel Prizes distributed at Stockholm. - Death of Sir Joseph Hooker, O.M., at Sunningdale, aged 94. - Tramcar accident at Oporto; 14 killed, 30 injured. - One- cent letter postage and parcel post recommended by Postmaster-General, U. S.

december 10 defined in 1912 year

december 10 - December 10;
december 10 - General Krobatkin becomes Austrian War Minister, and General Konrad von Hotzendorf Chief of General Staff. - Turkish infantry leave Tripoli. - Grand Duke Nicholas visits King Charles of Rumania at Bucharest. - Collision off Portland Bill between British battleship "Centurion" and steamer "Derna." - Sir E. Grey states in letter to Miss Haldane that Cabinet will accept decision of House of Commons on a woman suffrage amendment to Franchise Bill. - False alarms of fire given in London by wmen suffragists - In Inter-University Rugby football match Cambridge beats Oxford by ip points to 3. - Members of Progressive party confer in Chicago. - New National Association of Port Authorities ends a two-days conference at New York City.

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