december 19

december 19 defined in 1911 year

december 19 - December 19;
december 19 - Pres. Taft speaks in New York in favour of proposed Arbitration Treaties. - Pres. Taft's announcement of termination of Russian treaty unanimously ratified by Senate, and (Dec. 20) by House. - Turkey recognises right of Egypt to occupy Sollum Bay during continuance of Turco-Italian war. - Rioting at Dundee by carters on strike; 300 soldiers sent from Edinburgh. - Meeting of 2,000 doctors in Queen's Hall, London, to protest against serving under Insurance Act. - Fighting between Turco-Arab force and Italians at Bir Tobras, near Ain Zara in Tripoli; six Italians killed, 78 wounded. - In the "Hawke"-"Olympic" case (see Nov. 16) the Court finds the faulty navigation of the "Olympic's" pilot responsible, but holds the owner free from liability owing to pilotage being compulsory; an appeal is entered.

december 19 defined in 1912 year

december 19 - December 19;
december 19 - Prince Katsura forms a cabinet in Japan, with Baron Kato as Foreign Minister. - Green Park site for London memorial statue of Edward VII abandoned in favour of site at bottom of Waterloo Place. - Bodies of Mr. H. Kearney and Mr. Chester Lawrence, American airmen, found in sea near Redondo Beach, Cal. - U.S. warns rebel leaders in San Domingo not to disturb provisional government on penalty of American intervention. - Pres. Taft sends a message to Congress on departmental affairs and urging that Cabinet members have seats, but not votes, in both houses. - Pres. Taft leaves Washington for Panama. - U.S. Congress adjourns for Christmas recess. - J. Pierpont Morgan testifies before "Pujo committee."

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