december 20

december 20 defined in 1911 year

december 20 - December 20;
december 20 - N. Ayrshire by-election results in defeat of Mr. Anderson (Liberal), new Solicitor-General for Scotland, by Capt. Campbell (Unionist), majority 271. - New Zealand elections leave Govt. of Sir J. Ward in a minority. - French Chamber agrees to Franco-German Agreement by 393 votes to 36. - Cotton operatives at Accrington strike owing to refusal of two to join Union, and general lock-out follows in N. E. Lancashire. - Mr. Asquith announces Royal Commission to enquire into question of appointments in Civil Service. - Final Report of Royal Commission on Tuberculosis published in London. - Cornerstone laid of first settlement house for the blind in New York City. - Appointment of Scottish Commissioners under National Insurance Act announced; J. Leishman (Chairman), Dr. J. C. McVail (Deputy Chairman), J. McNicol and Miss M. M. Paterson.

december 20 defined in 1912 year

december 20 - December 20;
december 20 - Conference of Ambassadors in London announce Great Powers' acceptance of principle of Albanian autonomy together with a provision guaranteeing Servia commercial access to Adriatic. - Delegates to London Peace Conference entertained at Mansion House of Lord Mayor. - General Botha forms new South African Cabinet, excluding Gen. Hertzog and Col. Leuchars. - Mr. F. E. Smith, at Dudley, states that main object of Unionist party is Imperial Preference, and that a Colonial Conference is only a means to that end. - Select Committee of House of Commons recommend reference of Sir Stuart Samuel's case (see Nov. 22) to Judicial Committee of Privy Council. - "Florence," British steamer, wrecked off Cape Race, Nfd.; 22 drowned. - Memorial service held in Westminster Abbey for Mr. Whitelaw Reid, the coffin being conveyed next day to Victoria station on a gun carriage with a military escort, for transport to United States on British war ship. - Fire at Blohm & Voss' shipbuilding yard, Hamburg. - U.S. government files suit at Los Angeles, Cal., to re cover from Southern Pacific Railroad Co. mineral lands in Fresno county.

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