december 21

december 21 defined in 1911 year

december 21 - December 21;
december 21 - Miners' Federation of Great Britain decide to take ballot on question of striking for minimum wage. - Mr. G. A. Redford resigns office of Examiner of Plays in England. - French Court Martial appointed to enquire into causes of explosion on battleship "Liberte" acquits senior officers. - In first test match in Australia the Australian cricketers beat M.C.C. by 146 runs. - Bank messenger robbed in Montmartre, Paris, by thieves who escape in a motor-car. - Turkish hospital ship "Kaiserieh" captured by Italian cruiser "Puglia," on suspicion of being really a transport. - Mr. Justice Bargrave Deane, in Divorce Division of High Court, London, decides that Gaekwar of Baroda, being a ruling sovereign, cannot be cited as co-respondent in the case of Statham v. Statham. - Elliott Northcott (b. 1869), of W. Va., appointed U. S. minister to Venezuela. - George T. Weitzel (b. 1873), of Missouri, appointed U. S. minister to Nicaragua. - Pres. Taft, in a message to Congress, asks for two battleships a year until Panama Canal is finished; urges extension of merit system, establishment of rural parcel post, and legislation to lessen court expense and delay; and commends report of National Monetary Commission.

december 21 defined in 1912 year

december 21 - December 21;
december 21 - Peace Conference again adjourned because revictualling of Adrianople is demanded by Turkish delegates. - British Medical Association rejects Govt.'s proposals under Insurance Act by 182 votes to 21. - Fighting between Greeks and Turks near Yanina; Djavid Pasha killed. - M. Poincare speaks in French Chamber of Deputies on Powers' attitude to Balkan question. - Duke of Connaught elected chancellor of Cape University. - Section of Bagdad railway through Taurus opened to traffic. - Strike in Kiel dockyard. - French force Col. Massoutier besieged at Dar-el-Kadi near Mogador, Morocco. - Aeroplane collision near Paris; Jacques Delcasse injured.

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