december 22

december 22 defined in 1911 year

december 22 - December 22;
december 22 - Military mutiny in Braga, Portugal. - Persia accepts Russian demands, which include dismissal of Mr. Shuster. - Spanish reply to French proposals concerning Morocco received by France. - Govan by-election in Scotland results in return of Mr. Holmes (Liberal) by reduced majority of 986. - Mr. R. Cory, S. Wales coal-owner and Liberal, leaves Liberal Party on Home Rule issue. - British steamer "Menzaleh" seized by Italian warship "Puglia." - Death of Senor Emilio Estrada, Pres. of Ecuador. - Fighting at Tobruk, Tripoli; heavy Turkish losses; Italians 7 killed, 16 wounded, - Rules of U. S. Supreme Court revised to reduce cost of litigation.

december 22 defined in 1912 year

december 22 - December 22;
december 22 - M. Chemet, French airman, flies from Venice to Trieste and back in a hydro-aeroplane.

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