december 23

december 23 defined in 1911 year

december 23 - December 23;
december 23 - French Committee appointed to consider Franco- German treaty meet, and are addressed by MM. Fallieres and Pichon. - "The Miracle," a wordless mystery spectacle, produced in London at Olympia by Prof. Max Reinhardt. - Anti-Trust prosecution of Australian Coal Vend results in imposition of penalties exceeding £50,000. - Fighting between Russians and Persians at Tabriz; Russian reinforcements sent from Erivan. - Fighting between Spaniards and Moorish tribesmen at Melilla.

december 23 defined in 1912 year

december 23 - December 23;
december 23 - Lord Hardinge, Viceroy of India, wounded and his attendant killed by bomb thrown from a house in Delhi during State entry into the capital. - Territorial claims of Balkan League presented to Turkish delegates at Peace Conference. - Greeks repulse Turkish attack at Dodona and occupy Koritza. - Ohannes Bey Kouyoumjian, Armenian Catholic, appointed Governor of the Lebanon. - British Govt. refuse British Medical Association's proposal for administering medical benefit independently of Insurance Committees. - Completion of Assuan dam celebrated in presence of Khedive and Lord Kitchener. - Two British steamers wrecked in Gulf of Mexico; 22 lives lost. - Dr. Weiskirchner, Christian Socialist, elected Burgomaster of Vienna. - Decision dismissing all indictments but one against the United Shoe Machinery Co. for violation of the Sherman law appealed to Supreme Court. - Patrolman and two collectors from disorderly houses for New York City police indicted. - Federal Grand Jury indicts officials of the New Haven and the Grand Trunk railways for conspiracy to restrain trade.

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