december 24

december 24 defined in 1911 year

december 24 - December 24;
december 24 - Dundee carters' strike settled through mediation of Sir G. Askwith. - Persian Mejliss dissolved by coup d'etat; Mr. Shuster dismissed; martial law proclaimed at Teheran. - Record long distance flight without landing (462½ miles) made at Pau by French airman, Gobe.

december 24 defined in 1912 year

december 24 - December 24;
december 24 - Attempt to assassinate Prince Yamagata in Japan. - Quebec Legislature pass Bill doubling land subsidy for Montreal-Hudson's Bay railway. - Hostile demonstration in Teheran against M. Mornard, Treasurer-General of Persia. - French force besieged at Dar-el-Kadi near Mogador, Morocco, relieved by Gen. Brulard. - Kiel dockyard strike settled. - Mr. E. Petre, British airman, killed at Marske-on-Sea, Yorks. - U.S. Steel Corporation announces increased wages for its 200,000 employees.

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