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july 2 - July 2;
july 2 - Opening of Congress of Universities of the Empire in London by Lord Rosebery. - Dr. Woodrow Wilson nominated as Democratic candidate for the American Presidency on the 46th ballot at Baltimore, receiving 990 votes, against 84 for Champ Clark and 12 for Harmon. Thomas Riley Marshall nominated for Vice President. - Debate in House of Lords on naval position in the Mediterranean. - Labour Party threaten to absent themselves from British House of Commons if Liberals contest vacant seat at Hanley. - Colliery strike and riot at Cwymtillery, Monmouthshire. - Mr. George Foster, Canadian Minister for Trade and Commerce, speaks at the Constitutional Club, London. - "Titanic" relief fund reaches $307,500; the Public Trustee and others deputed to draw up a scheme for dealing with the crew. - Portuguese Royalists reported to be concentrated near Tuy. - Army appropriation bill without clause affecting Major-General Wood again passed by U.S. House of Representatives. - Three Nationalists arrested in Cairo for conspiring against Govt. - Mr. Vaniman's transatlantic airship "Akron"with crew of five explodes in mid-air at Atlantic City and falls into the sea; all killed.

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