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july 16 - July 16;
july 16 - Hurshid Pasha, Turkish Acting Minister of War, resigns owing to disaffection of the army in Albania. - Albanians present a remonstrance setting forth their grievances to the Grand Vizier. - Mr. Borden, Canadian Premier and members of Canadian and S. African parliaments, dine at British House of Commons; speech by Mr. Borden on Imperial Union. - Italians accused by Turkish Commander in Tripoli of poisoning the wells. - Sir Percy Girouard resigns post of Governor of East African Protectorate, and is succeeded by Mr. H. C. Belfield. - Taylor art sale closes, having realised nearly £359,000. - Beaufoy first four-folio Shakespeare sold in London for £3,500. - Lord Deyonport and Transport Workers strike leaders confer with Mr. Asquith. - Royalist conspirators at Torres Vedras arrested by Portuguese Govt. - General Mahmud Mukhtar becomes Minister of War in Turkey. - Stadium events in Olympic Games at Stockholm result: America 128, Sweden no, England 68 (British Empire 110), Finland 46, Germany 37, France 21, S. Africa 16, Canada, 13, Australia 13. - Herman Rosenthal, a gambler, about to testify against New York Police Department, shot dead in New York (see Aug. 20).

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