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richardsons skua - Richardsons Skua;
richardsons skua - Crown dusky; cheek, neck, and under parts white tinged with yellow and brown; rest of the plumage dusky. Length, twenty inches.

This species breeds in the Outer Hebrides, the Orkneys, and the Shetlands; it is also said to be a regular breeder inSutlierlandshire. It is a much more numerous species than the great skua, being a regular visitor to the coasts of Scotland in the autumn and spring migrations. In its preying habit it resembles the bonxie, but, unlike that species, is gregarious. It breeds on moors, often at a considerable distance from the sea, and its nests are widely scattered on the breeding-ground. A slight hollow in the ground, with a little dry grass for lining, serves as a receptacle for the eggs. Two eggs are laid, and in some cases only one. These vary greatly in shape, some being nearly round, others long and pointed. In groundcolour they vary from russet-brown to pale olive, and are evenly and sparingly spotted with dark brown.

A curious fact about this species is that there are two forms, one light in colour, the other dark, and that these habitually interbreed; but the young, instead of being intermediate, are, according to Seebohm, light or dark, like one of the parents.

The pomatorhine skua (8. pomatorhinus) is an autumn and spring visitor on migration to the seas in the vicinity of the British coasts. In some seasons it occurs in large numbers, but is not very regular in its appearance. Buffon's skua (S. parasiticus) is a rare and irregular visitor on migration to the British coasts. It breeds in the arctic regions, and is circumpolar.

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