march 11

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march 11 - March 11
march 11 - Miners' Federation of Great Britain agree to meet the coal-owners and to discuss the coal strike with the Prime Minister, provided the minimum wage principle is not discussed. - Westphalian and French miners strike in sympathy with English miners. - Submarine "A" raised and taken to Portsmouth. - Spanish Ministers of Finance, Public Works, Public Instruction and Marine resign. - "Crown of India," masque by Sir E. Elgar, produced at the Coliseum Theatre, London. - U. S. Supreme Court permits holder of a patent to sell patented article with restrictive licence requiring use therewith of certain un- patented articles. - Suit against "Sugar Trust" begun by U. S. Govt. at New York (see March 31). - England beats Wales in Association football at Wrexham by 2 goals to 0.

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