april 23

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april 23 - April 23
april 23 - Turkish Government replies to Powers' enquiry as to whether they would terminate the war with Italy, that they could only accept mediation if the sovereign rights of Turkey were maintained and Italy evacuated Tripoli. - The Home Rule Bill is accepted by the Irish Nationalist Convention at Dublin. - Bill for the Disestablishment and Disendowment of the Church in Wales introduced into the British House of Commons by Mr. McKenna. - Insurance Act Amendment League holds first meeting in London. - Russian Ambassador at Constantinople hands to the Porte a written protest against the closing of the Dardanelles. - Italians take possession of the island of Stampalia, near Crete. - Arabs attack the Italian force landing at Bu- Kemmesh, Tripoli, and are repulsed with much loss. - Offer of mediation made by U. S. Commissioner Neill and Judge Knapp accepted by the railroads (see April 30).

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