june 17

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june 17 - June 17
june 17 - Franchise and Registration Bill introduced into British House of Commons by Mr. J. A. Pease. - Mr. McKenna, British Home Secretary, announces that the Anarchist Malatesta will not be expelled after imprisonment. - Tang-Shao-yi, Chinese Premier, announces his intention to resign. - New Cretan Govt. formed. - Pres. Taft vetoes Army appropriation bill, passed by U.S. Congress. - American Beef Trust, National Packing Company, notifies U.S. Dept. of Justice that it will endeavour to dissolve by August 1 (see July 20). - Supreme Court of Canada declare Federal Parliament incompetent to pass a general marriage law for the Dominion, and decide that mixed marriages solemnised by a Protestant clergyman are valid. - French Aerial "Derby" won by French airman, Garros.

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