june 26

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june 26 - June 26
june 26 - King George and Queen Mary open Welsh National Museum at Cardiff. - Debate in House of Lords on question of undue haste in bringing the Insurance Act into operation July 15. - Encaenia celebration at Oxford; honorary degrees conferred on Lord Crewe, Admiral Sir A. K. Wilson, Sir G. Askwith, Mr. Henry James, Mr. Robert Bridges, and Prof. Cumont of Brussels. - Sotheby sale of mezzotints in London realises £25,165. - Test match between England and Australia cricketers at Lord's left drawn. - South African ministerial crisis averted by re-arrangement. - Austrian Chamber adopts Army Bill on second and third readings by a two-thirds majority. - Lt. Etienne, French military airman (injured June 10), dies in Versailles hospital. - In Democratic National Convention W. J. Bryan refuses chairmanship of Credentials' committee; by 555½ to 495 the rule for unit voting of state delegations is abrogated.

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