july 23

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july 23 - July 23
july 23 - British Medical Association in full meeting confirm Committee's decision to insist on minimum, demands of the profession before agreeing to work National Insurance Art. - Debate in House of Lords on British naval policy initiated by Lord Selborne. - Eight girls lose their lives in fire in Moor Lane, City of London; a ninth dies subsequently in hospital. - Foundation at Oxford of Gladstone Professorship of Political Theory and Institutions. - Armgaard Karl Graves sentenced at Edinburgh to 18 months' imprisonment for espionage. - Dr. Ethel Smyth, musical composer and suffragist, arrested for conspiracy in suffragist attempt to set fire to Nuneham House, Oxford, on July 13. - U.S. Senate votes to continue annual appropriation for Tariff Board, against which House voted.

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