october 4

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october 4 - October 4
october 4 - British submarine B2 sunk in English Channel by liner "Amerika"; 15 lives lost. - Services held in London to celebrate 250th anniversary of Great Ejectment of Presbyterian clergy in 1662. - Turkish government withdraw troops from Samos. - Demonstration of sympathy with Bulgaria at St. Petersburg railway station. - Demonstration before Sultan's palace at Constantinople in favour of war. - M. Poincare confers with M. Sazonoff in Paris. - American marines capture Coyotepe, Nicaragua, with loss of 4 killed and 5 wounded, and Nicaraguan Government troops recapture Masaya with loss of 100 dead and 200 wounded. - Harry Vardon wins News of the World professional golf championship at Sunnyside. - Special U.S. Senate committee investigating campaign contributions hears testimony from Ex-Pres. Roosevelt.

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