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Q.Queen; query or question; the Quarto Shakespeare.
q.Quart; quire.
Q.A.B.Queen Anne's Bounty.
Q.B. (D.).Queen's Bench (Division).
q.e.Quod est (Latin), which is.
q.e.d.Quod erat demonstrandum (Latin), which was to be shown.
q.e.f.Quod erat faciendum (Latin), which was to be done.
q.e.i.Quod erat inveniendum (Latin), which was to be found.
q.l.Quantum libet (Latin), as much as is desired.
Q.M.Queen's Messenger.
qr.Quarter; quire.
Q.S.Quarter Sessions.
q.s.Quantum sufficit (Latin), as much as suffices (a sufficient quantity).
qt.Quantity; quart.
qu.Query or question.
quad.Quadrangle; quadrant; quadrilateral; quadruple.
quant, suff.Quantum sufficit (Latin), as much as suffices (a sufficient quantity).
quot.Quotation; quotient.
q.v.Quantum vis (Latin), as much as you wish; quod vide (Latin), which see.

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