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R.Rabbi; Reaumur; response; restaurant car available; retard (clock) Rex or Regina (Latin) King or Queen; right river; road; Roman rupee.
r.Radius; rare; residence rises; rod(-s) (measure) rood(-s); runs (cricket).
R.A.Right ascension.
rail.Rallentando (Italian), becoming slower.
R.C.Red Cross; Regional Commissioner; right of centre (stage); Roman Catholic.
R.C.M.P.Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
R.D.Research department; Rural Dean.
R/D.Return to drawer (banking).
Rec.Record(-er); recreation ground.
rec.Receipt; received; reception room; recipe.
rect.Receipt; rectangle; rectified.
ref.Referee; reference; referred; reformed; with reference to.
Reg.Regent; region(-al); registrar; regulation.
reg.Register(-ed); regular(-ly).
rel.Related; relative; religion.
Rep.Repertory company; Representative; Republic(-an).
rep.Repeat; repetition; repetiteur (orchestral); report(-er); represent(-ing); reprimand.
repr.Representing; reprinted; reproduced.
res.Reserve(-d); residence; resigned.
resp.Respective(-ly); respondent.
ret(-d).Retire(-d); return (-ed).
Rev.Revelation of S. John; Revenue; Reverend; Revolution (political).
rev.Reverse(-d); revised; revolution (mechanical).
R.F.Representative fraction; Republique francaise (French Republic).
R.H.Right hand.
R.I.Rhode Island.
R.I.C.Royal Irish Constabulary.
R.I.P.Requiescat in pace (Latin), may he rest in peace.
rit.Ritardando, ritenente, ritenuto (Italian), becoming slower.
R.K.O.Radio - Keith - Or -pheum.
R.L.O.Railway liaison officer.
R.L.S.Robert Louis Stevenson.
R.M.Resident magistrate; Royal Mail.
rm.Ream; room.
R.M.O.Resident Medical Officer.
R.M.S.Royal mail steamer.
R.M.S.P.Royal Mail Steam Packet Company.
R.O.Receiving officer; receiving order; recruiting officer; relieving officer; returning officer.
ro.Recto (Latin), on the right-hand page; road; rood.
r.o.Run on (type); run out (cricket).
RoffenRoffemis (Latin), of Rochester (Bp.'s signature).
Rom.Epistle to the Romans; Roman.
rom.Roman (type).
R.P.Reply paid; reprint; rules of procedure.
rpt.Repeat; report.
rr.Rarissime (Latin), very rarely; rear.
R.S.C.Rules of the Supreme Court.
R.S.F.S.R.Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic.
R.S.O.Railway sorting office; railway sub-office.
R.S.V.P.Repondez s'il vous plait (French), answer, if you please.
R.T.Radio telephony; received text.
R.U.E.Right upper entrance.
R.V.Rendezvous; Revised Version.
RX.Rix dollar; tens of rupees.
R.Y.S.Royal Yacht Squadron.

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