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abutilon - Abutilon;
abutilon - Favourite garden and greenhouse shrubs of the mallow family (mal-t'aceae), chiefly natives of South America and the West Indies. The flowers agree in the main with those of hibiscus, except that there is no second calyx (epicalyx) composed of bracts below the flower. The calyx is cup-shaped, cleft into five pointed lobes. The petals are five, attached at the base to a tube consisting of numerous united stamens. The five carpels are connected by their edges, but open separately at the top. The five petals are white, orange, and crimson in the various species. The forms mostly grown are garden hybrids between the natural species, and are preferred because they flower more freely. In Britain they attain heights varying from 4 ft. to 12 ft., and are propagated by means of seeds sown in spring in a mixture of loam and peat. They grow freely in the open in summer, especially in southern counties.

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