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august 8 defined in 1911 year

august 8 - August 8;
august 8 - British House of Commons reject Lords' amendments to Parliament Bill. - Lord Curzon's Vote of Censure on the Govt. passed in House of Lords by 282 votes to 68. - Strike of London carmen. - South Australian Legislative Assembly pass Govt. Bill for restricting power of Upper House. - Pres. Taft signs Reapportionment Bill passed by U. S. Congress, increasing number of representatives in House to 433.

august 8 defined in 1912 year

august 8 - August 8;
august 8 - Manchester (N. West) by-election results in unionist victory for Sir J. Randies, majority 1,202. - Turkish Minister leaves Cettigne. - Earthquakes in Turkey in the region of the Dardanelles; casualties 6,000. - German Emperor speaks at Krupp centenary celebrations. - Lord Robson resigns office of Lord of Appeal and is succeeded by Lord Justice Fletcher Moulton; J. A. Hamilton appointed Lord Justice, and Mr. S. Howlatt a Judge. - Martial Law pro claimed at Salonika. - Five Englishmen arrested as spies near Kiel are released. - The Pope issues an Encyclical on the Putumayo cruelties. - Mine explosion at Lothringen Mine, near Bochum, Westphalia, 103 men killed. - Gen. Cincinnatus Leconte, President of Haiti, perishes in a fire at his palace. - Dam No. 26, on the Ohio river, near Chambersburg, 10 miles below Gallipolis, Ohio washed away.

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