august 26

august 26 defined in 1911 year

august 26 - August 26;
august 26 - Panic at cinematograph show, Canonsburg, Pa.; 25 killed, many injured. - Motor char a bane accident near Medomsley, Durham; 10 killed, 20 injured. - Argentine battleship "Rivadavia," largest in the world, launched at Quincy, Mass. - U. S. Postmaster-General announces that after Sept. i, magazines will be transported in carloads as fast freight. - In a test of guns designed for use against aeroplanes, made at Indian Head, Md., a projectile from a one-pounder reached a calculated height of 10,800 feet.

august 26 defined in 1912 year

august 26 - August 26;
august 26 - Toronto Industrial Fair opened by Duke of Con- naught. - 300 Russian sailors sent on shore at Sevastopol to be tried for revolutionary propagandism. - U.S. Senate pass resolution for investigation by Campaign Funds Committee into alleged contributions by Standard Oil Co. to Mr. Roosevelt's 1904 election. - Prince Arthur of Con- naught leaves England for Tokio to convey to the Emperor of Japan the order of the Garter. - Hydro-aeroplane race from St. Male to Jersey won by Weymann. - Exceptional rainfall (over 6 in. at Norwich) causes extensive floods in eastern counties of England, with interruption of railway and telegraph service; two lives lost. - Egyptian nationalists arrested at Cairo for posting seditious placards. - General Deficiency appropriation bill passed by U.S. Senate. - First session of 62nd Congress of U.S. adjourns at 4.30 p.m. - Governor Marshall, Democratic nominee for U.S. Vice- Presidency, opens campaign in Portland, Me.

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