august 27

august 27 defined in 1911 year

august 27 - August 27;
august 27 - German Emperor speaks at Hamburg on the "place in the sun" which should be secured for Germany by an increase in her navy. - Pope receives Cardinal Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro in Rome and bestows blessing on churches of South America. - Violent wind-storm at Charleston, S. C., destroys fifteen lives and a million dollars' worth of property.

august 27 defined in 1912 year

august 27 - August 27;
august 27 - British Charge d'Affaires at Washington renews protest with regard to the Panama Canal rates. - Posthumous title of Emperor of Meiji conferred on Mutsuhito, late Emperor of Japan. - Strike of miners in Rhondda district, Wales. - Corner-stone of cathedral of St. Albans, Toronto, laid by Duke of Connaught.

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