august 28

august 28 defined in 1911 year

august 28 - August 28;
august 28 - Mr. Redmond Barry, Attorney-General of Ireland, appointed Lord Chancellor of Ireland. - Dr. Gore, Bishop of Birmingham, made Bishop of Oxford. - Emperors of Russia and Japan exchange felicitations on final settlement of all claims arising from Russo-Japanese War. - United States acquire four small islands at western end of Panama Canal.

august 28 defined in 1912 year

august 28 - August 28;
august 28 - Mr. Borden in answer to deputation from Women's Social and Political Union in London states that he has no intention of introducing a bill into the Canadian parliament co give women votes on the same terms as men. - U.S. troops ordered to proceed to Nicaragua. - Germany asks that Spanish and French portions of Moroccan customs should be fixed in forthcoming Franco-Spanish treaty. - Lieut. Chandenier, French military airman, burnt to death near Crecy-sur-Serre. - General Botha speaks at Frederikstad, Transvaal, or. South African Nationalism and its compatibility with Imperial co-operation. - Duke of Connaught leaves Montreal for a tour in western Canada.

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